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Important Additions to the Rules Manual



That an Athletes Commission be established.  This would comprise one

Delegate from each of the following regions, viz. Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, with the Chairperson being the Vice President of

TWIF.  This Commission would be advisory in nature and would channel the considered opinions of athletes to the TWIF ExCo on matters which they consider important and in need of attention. As far as possible members should be representative of both genders. The ExCo will appoint members on the basis of nominations from member countries.


To amend the rule:

RULE  3. ( Weight Classes )


The following team weights will apply to International Competitions;


Senior Men.


Outdoor.    580K,  640K,  700K.


Indoor.      560K,  600K,  640K,  680K.


Senior Women.


Outdoor and Indoor.              500K,  540K.


Men ( Under  23 )                600K.              Women ( Under 23)            500


Junior. ( Men )                     560K.              Junior  ( Women )               480K.


Senior  Mixed.  ( Four men and four women )             600K.


On a vote the main proposal passed as amended 12 for 3 abstained


The above weight will apply for World Championships


England expressed wishes to have men’s 560,640,680,& 720 weight classes


Wales expressed concerns over the ladies outdoor weights.


Netherlands suggest for the men’s outdoor 580, 640,680,720


Switzerland suggest that the weights for European championships differ from World or Asian championships because the difference in the size of the people.


Amendment to the proposal from England for European Championships the following weight classes: M560, 640, 680 & 720 and W520, W560.

Other classes will be the same as for World Championships.



To amend the rule:

 RULE  6.4  ( Substitution Procedures )


Both the puller to be replaced and the substitute, must report in full pulling outfit (i.e. shirt, shorts. Stockings and footwear ) with both of their accreditation cards available for checking by the official in charge of the match; before being sent to the official designated by the Chief Judge to deal with substitutions.

A small ( bathroom type ) scale must be available at the pulling area, ( in a suitable place, on solid surface, ) to determine the weight difference between the two pullers.  The substitute puller must be of equal weight or less than the puller he/she replaces.  The total weight of the team cannot be increased by the weight of the substitute, even if the team originally weighed less than the maximum weight for that weight class.

Directly after the change, the Chief Judge or designated official shall cancel the stamp or marking of the replaced puller, and indicate a similar marking on the substitute with an indelible marker.  The Chief Judge or the designated official shall note the substitution on the  appropriate weight certificate, by adding and deleting the accreditation numbers of the pullers involved with the changes.


RULE  24  ( Powers and Responsibilities of the Judge )


The appointed judge for a match shall have sole control.

He shall be responsible for ensuring :

(1) that the Rules of TWIF are adhered to.

(2) that the rope is laid out ready for competition before the teams arrive in the pulling area.

(3) that, as far as possible, the pre-determined timetable is adhered to.


He has the power to;

(4) grant rest periods as shown in Rule 17.

(5) declare a “No pull”.

(6) Award a maximum of one “ Friendly Caution” in any one pull.

(7) disqualify a team or teams after caution.

(8) Disqualify a team without caution which he deems to be guilty of ungentle man-like conduct, by word or act, which is likely to bring the sport into disrepute.

In the event of the judge in charge giving a caution, which he will indicate by the common signal code, naming the team and adding “first caution” or “last caution”.  Any such instructions given by the judge in charge must be clear and brief using the appropriate signals. The judge’s decision shall be final at all times.


Outdoor Boot

That the wording for the outdoor boot and diagram (8.4) be amended to conform with the boot now being used.


To make the outdoor boot code consistent with the present day boots.  This will also include a diagram of the traditional boots worn for outdoor tug of war.


Age Limit Senior Women

That the age limit for senior women’s category be lowered to 16 years.


Since U23 was introduced for the Women’s category, consequently girls under the age of 18 could not participate in the full Women’s category because of not enough teams.  Belgium request to lower the age-limit again to 16 years in order to offer younger women the opportunity to participate in TWIF-championships.



New Members


·    Myanmar On a was vote unanimously accepted

·    Sierra Leon On a vote was unanimously accepted

·    Estonia On a vote was unanimously accepted

·    Bangladesh

India questioned the soundness of the application from Bangladesh.

The President informed Congress that their membership would be provisional until more information is received. Once confirmed they will automatically be accepted as full members.


Accreditation Fee

That the accreditation fee for staying outside the package for TWIF Championships be £100.00.

Mr. Ludkin from England stated that the reason for the proposal was to spread the costs over all of the athletes rather than just those who book through the organizers.    


Late Bookings

That a 10% surcharge be added to the packages for late bookings.

        i.e.    within the last three weeks before a Championships.


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