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It is with great anticipation that we look forward to the start of the first ever TWIF Championships in the Asian region with Xuzhou the host city for the Indoor World Championships in China. At time of writing 18 countries in 9 weigh classes, of which a good number of Asian countries, have entered for the Championships.


Having a TWIF event in this part of the world is not only a challenge for the organisers, but also for out TWIF officials given travel arrangements and language barriers. A number of unknowns remain, especially for the open club event where the number of participating teams are an unknown at this stage. We wish the organisers all the best for the final arrangements and is confident that they, with the support of the very experienced TWIF team, will lay on an excellent platform for our athletes to perform at the top of their game.


In the meantime, we are also quietly starting to look forward to the 2018 World Outdoor Tug of War Championships to be hosted in Cape Town. This will be the 6th TWIF Championships to be held in South Africa.


It seems as if the South African organisers also face a few challenges with the on-going drought conditions in the Western Cape that necessitated a change in the competition arena from the Cape Town Waterfront to Camps’ Bay. The TWIF Executive is however confident that all the essential elements for a great competition and experience for athletes, officials and spectators will be in place.


The setting of the new pulling grounds are even more spectacular than the original site in the Cape Town Waterfront. We also wish the South African organising committee all the best and look forward to once again experience the world renowned hospitality of the hosts.


All the best to the Indoor teams for their final preparations and for the outdoor clubs and national squads for the countdown to September.


Best Regards

Anton Rabe