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Welcome to South Africa.

It is with great anticipation and pleasure that I welcome all participants and spectators to the 2018 World Championships in Cape Town. Also with some anxiousness given that it is my home country that host this year’s event.

This will be the 5th event at TWIF level being hosted by South Africa and we are looking forward to great hospitality and an excellent week of tug of war in one of the iconic cities of the world.

South Africa and Cape Town with its many attractions are renowned for its natural beauty and with the back drop of Table Mountain, the 2018 venue in Camps’ Bay, just around the corner from the Cape Town Waterfront and Robben Island. So apart from looking forward to top class performances on the competition field, all visitors should have ample opportunity to explore the delights in and around the Cape Peninsula. Please make sure that you optimise your visit by making use of the various opportunities that show case this special part of the world.

My very best wishes to all the participating teams and countries, as well as to all the TWIF officials who will run the event. I trust that you will all experience a great event and that everybody will be a winner. Lets’ treat each other with respect and dignity and continue to set the benchmark for world class performance, appearance and behaviourboth on and off the competition field.

I also wish to thank the South Africa organisers. It is clear that they have looked at the smallest detail whilst the communication to TWIF and the potential visitors have been excellent prior to the competition. The run-up to the vent has not been without its challenges given the prolonged drought in the Western Cape which required a change of venue. Luckily the water situation are much more favourably than a few months ago, but visitors should please use water sparingly.

Travel safely and welcome to South Africa