2021 TWIF Elections Senior Vice President and Treasurer.

Dear Representatives,

Time is flying and we noticed that 2021 will be the election Year of the Senior Vice President and Treasurer.

During Congress 2017 Pete Dyer was voted as Senior Vice President and Dan McCarthy as Treasurer.

If your country has a person that would like to tender for the position of Senior Vice President or Treasurer, please be sure that I receive the letter of application and CV before 1 March 2021.

Depending on the way we will organize the Congress 2021, we will find a way to do the elections.

Below you will find the tasks of the current positions from TWIF’s ExCo Tasks Distribution:

  • Chair meetings/represent TWIF as delegated by President;
  • Convener: Anti-Doping and Medical issues/WADA;
  • Provide guidance with relation to Development, Constitutions, equipment and related material;
  • Drive the ICT portfolio (software development, competition & registration platform and web-site development/maintenance);
  • Deal with Projects as delegated from time-time.
  • Financial Administration, investments, budget, accounting and audit;
  • Sponsorship: Motivations and acquisition (in conjunction with President);
  • Championship contracts, payments and fees;
  • Procurement of clothing / equipment;
  • Deal with Projects as delegated from time-time.

Thank you for sharing this with your members/officials and people that might be interested in the jobs.

Maybe unnecessary to tell you, but both positions are volounteer jobs and take a lot of (free) time.

Best Regards,

Maaike Hornstra

TWIF Secretary General

Email: 10cc@hetnet.nl

Tel. 00 31 6 23271158