Anti Doping

Anti doping tests, carried out either in competition or out of competition, continues to be one the most important issues,  we need to continue with this in order to maintain our IOC recognition.   Tug of War has a fantastic record of being a clean and honest sport, something we must ensure continues.

The World Games in Chinese Taipei saw our sport targeted having 6 tests for men and 6 for ladies, which I am happy to announce were all clear.  The test results from the recent European/World Championships in Assen, were also clear.

All teams in the TWIF Registered Testing Pool must ensure their Whereabouts are completed in advance for every quarter:

1st quarter Jan – March, 2nd April – June, 3rd July – Sept and 4th October – December

It is vital that this information be submitted, as TWIF have appointed a registered international doping test company to complete out of competition testing.  These out of competition tests have already started.

It is for the good of the sport, the athlete and TWIF that the information required is correct and updated.  The agents will call either to training venues or the pullers own homes to carry out testing, the choice is completely random.  Missed tests can jeopardise both the athletes’ and TWIFs reputation.  A puller with 3 missed tests or missed Whereabouts submissions   would face a possible ban from the sport.

Tug of War has always been a clean sport, please let us all work together and continue to keep the reputation of our sport 100% clean.