Principles and Values associated with clean sport & the principle of ‘Strict Liability

Principles and Values Associated With Clean Sport


The intrinsic value of sport, often called “the spirit of sport” is the ethical pursuit of human excellence through the dedicated perfection of each athlete’s natural talents. Clean sport is an environment where the health of athletes is protected and where they are provided with the opportunity to pursue human excellence without the use of prohibited substances and prohibited methods.

In doing so, clean sport protects the spirit of sport, which is the celebration of the human spirit, body and mind and is reflected in the values we find in and through sport, including:

· Health

· Ethics, fair play and honesty

· Athletes’ rights

· Excellence in performance

· Character and Education

· Fun and joy

· Teamwork

· Dedication and commitment

· Respect for rules and laws

· Respect for self and other participants

· Courage

· Community and solidarity

Anti-doping programs aim to achieve and maintain a clean sport environment.

The Principle of “Strict Liability”


Athletes are responsible for their performance during a competition. In the same way, athletes are also responsible for any prohibited substance they use or attempt to use, or is found in their body, regardless of how the substance got there or whether they had an intention to cheat. So, athletes need to know which substances and methods are prohibited in sport and how to protect themselves. Ignorance easily leads to substance misuse and anti-doping rule violations. Athletes must consider anti-doping education as essential knowledge in order to protect their sporting career and their health. With e-learning, you can start educating yourself today.