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Foreword – May 2021
As we continue to live in unprecedented times with challenges and complexities that we have not
even thought about as recently as 18 months ago, we witness with horror and sadness the human
tragedy in some parts of the world. At the writing of this, particularly in India, but we are aware of
huge suffering in many countries.
At least some of us have however somehow started to operate within our immediate domains
within a regime of complying with Covid protocols and restrictions with continued vigilance and
adherence to practices such as sanitation, social distancing and wearing of masks in public places.
Global travel and gathering of any large number of people, remain very restricted. This is casting a
huge shadow on a return to competitions locally, nationally and internationally. Indications of 3rd
and 4th waves in different parts of the world is creating further uncertainty and is certainly not
helpful in trying to guide sporting activities.
Given this context, we still have a number of fairly high hurdles to navigate before we can hope to
have a feasible tug of war event in September in Getxo. Given that this event will also double as a
qualifier for the 3 outdoor tug of war events on the programme of the 2022 World Games in
Birmingham, USA, it is even more important to guide our membership as to how things would likely
develop over the next 4-5 months.
It seems as if 10-12 countries may be able and willing to commit to travel given Covid compliance
within a “bubble” approach as other sports have adopted in recent months for a limited number of
athletes only. At the time of writing it therefor seems highly unlikely that we will be able to have a
“normal” TWIF championship over 4 days with closed and open categories.
The only realistic option with the knowledge available at this stage, seems to be a down-scaled event
which will have a serious impact on the financial model of the event, also given that spectators are
not allowed at sporting events. Covid testing and requirements of maintaining bubbles – and even
bubbles within bubbles – will increase costs further not only for participants, but also for the hosts
and TWIF itself.
TWIF Exco will continue to explore various options in close collaboration with the organisers. We
expect clear direction by end of May and will do our utmost to ensure that all stakeholders are fully
informed of developments as it unfolds in the coming months.

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