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With yet another very successful World Championship in Sursee Switzerland behind us, let’s take a moment to appreciate the work that the organizers put into the event. Let’s also reflect on the standard of Tug of War over the four days. For sure the commitment from every team showed that Tug of War can take it’s place on the world stage. It’s also encouraging to see the performance of the youths as they are our future, and the mixed who at each event seems to be growing in numbers.

Looking forward it’s only a short period of time before we all meet again at the 2024 World indoor championships in Helsingborg Sweden. It’s interesting to see that Sweden will be celebrating their 90th birthday, another piece of history for Tug of war. History can only be achieved by the continued support of the teams and people on the ground.

Looking forward to seeing all of you agin in February 2024.

Yours in sport,

Dan. Mc.Carthy

Twif President.