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What will 2021 bring?
As we rapidly progress through to the last few weeks of 2020, it is somehow unreal that the TWIF
Family has seemingly come through 2020 mostly unscathed, albeit unable to conduct our normal
activities at club, national and international level. A somewhat anti-climax with TWIF’s 60th
anniversary that now (hopefully) will have to be celebrated in 2021.
Our communities and nations have however suffered greatly with the tragic loss of life all over the
globe, and recently again the resurgence of a 2nd wave currently running rife mostly in the Northern
Hemisphere. Realistically, we can expect a similar trend in the Southern Hemisphere. The only
difference being winter up North and summer down South.
I am sure many of us are eager to put 2020 behind us and to start 2021 which will hopefully bring
some much needed economic recovery, job security and an effective vaccine.
It will not be plain sailing. My plea and appeal are therefor that we all maintain discipline and adhere
to the various levels of lock down, restrictions and related risk mitigation protocols in our respective
countries and regions within countries. Travelling remains a challenge and it is easy to become
complacent and on the back of “Covid fatigue” lapse our diligence and create unnecessary risk to
ourselves, families, friends and colleagues.
As I have stated in previous communiques, we need to remain strong in our isolation as the better
we avoid social engagements and any unnecessary get togethers, the better off we will be as a
broader community.
As individuals we are not only responsible for our own well-being, but also for those around us. The
message is clear: DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES. Don’t disappoint yourself and your loved ones.
My wish for 2021 is that we will see a break through in vaccines for global use and that we will also
have developed some sort of herd immunity by mid 2021 in order for a more normal life to return to
our daily lives. It will however never be the same – we will have to make and accept some
permanent changes in a post-Covid environment.
For those that take a break from what proved to have been an exhaustive year over the Festive and
New Year period, please enjoy and rest well – COMPLIANTLY!
2021 will have its surprises, but lets’ not create the surprises ourselves. Lets’ manage those things
under our control, very, very well!
Until next time, keep well and stay healthy.

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