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Dear TWIF Members and Stakeholders,

 Various communications relating to the impact of, and response to, the global Covid-19 pandemic, which amongst others led to the postponement of the 2020 TWIF congress, refers.

 We have all since been informed of various other events that have been either cancelled or postponed, including the Olympics to July 2021 and The World Games to July 2022. This required adjustments also from a TWIF perspective.

 The TWIF Exco wish to inform you of the developments and arrangements which were agreed to, in consultation with various stakeholders, with regard to the TWIF international programme over the coming years. Given the expected ongoing disruption of sporting events and international travel for an extended period during the rest of this year, and the impact on training and preparation of athletes, if became clear that a viable event in September this year would not be possible and that some adjustments needed to be agreed.


 We have therefore engaged with the various hosts of allocated TWIF championships for the period 2020 to 2024. You will note that we have agreed a new schedule of events, where the various Organising Committees in the Netherlands and Switzerland agreed to postpone their respective events by 1 year each. This was possible because no event has as yet been allocated to 2023 and allowed the September 2020 event to be re-scheduled to 2021.

 The new schedule effectively means we will have 4 World Outdoor Championships in a row and now look as follows:

 SEPTEMBER, 15TH to 19TH, 2021: World Championship and Qualifying event for World Games in 2022

SEPTEMBER, 14TH to 18TH, 2022: World Championship, Holten, Netherland

AUGUST 31ST to SEPTEMBER, 3RD, 2023: World Championship, Sursee, Switzerland

SEPTEMBER (dates to be confirmed), 2024: World Championship, Mannheim, Germany

 We are extremely grateful that this new programme could be agreed upon with the gracious and accommodative cooperation of the Basque Country, Netherlands and Switzerland, and the understanding of England (who tendered for Europeans/U23 & Youth Championship in 2023 but agreed to pass the tender on to 2025), as well as Germany who will host the World Championship in 2024.

 The tenders and allocation of the 2025 and 2026 events, will be dealt with at Congress 2021. Valid tenders for these events have been received, but will be re-confirmed in due course.  

 Further detail with regard to the next World Outdoor Championship from 15-19 September 2021, will be communicated by the Getxo Organising Committee shortly.


  1. There will also be no congress this year. TWIF Exco will in the next 14 days communicate which essential governance items cannot be postponed to 2021 and would require voting and approval this year. This will be done via round robin with the International Representatives of the members in good standing.
  2. The next congress will be scheduled for some time in April 2021 in the Netherlands. Detail will be communicated later this year.

 On behalf of the TWIF Exco, our best wishes to our global TWIF colleagues, officials, athletes and their respective families and loved ones. This pandemic will lead to a new way of living in all spheres of our lives. We need to adapt to this “new normal” with open minds and innovative ideas. The new TWIF event schedule is a glowing example of how we can adapt with keeping the bigger picture in mind and adapt with cooperation and compromise.

 Please continue to observe and comply with the risk and health guidelines issued by your respective governments. Many of us remain under lock down in some form or another which will not be lifted overnight in most countries. Keep positive – this too will pass.


God Bless.

Kind regards.


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