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Another busy year lies ahead. The 2024 season is already under way, as we have just returned from the 2024 World Indoor Championships , which Sweden hosted.
April is fast approaching when we have the Seminar and Congress in Nottingham England, which will be the venue for the 2025 European Outdoor Championships. I am sure during the seminar several topics will be discussed regarding the future. Development is ongoing with requests so far this year from Venezuela and Mexico. Obviously youths will need to be openly spoken about and how we can develop them going forward, they are our future. Unfortunately at this year’s World Indoor there wasn’t a World Championships, simply because there was only two countries entered and the rule states that we need four countries to make it a World Championship. Remember that it’s only every second year that a World Indoor takes place, so from my perspective we need to put something in place in the intervening year, to keep them involved and together otherwise we lose them.
Weight categories are also important and must be adjusted accordingly to protect our athletes. I am sure other topics will be discussed.
As we know 2024 is the year of the Olympics in Paris, there will be a Tug of War demonstration taking place in Paris by the French teams in Parc Villette on 7th and 8th August, to promote the sport. This is the meeting place to come in contact with athletes and delegations of various sports.
September will see the World Outdoor Championships taking place in Mannheim Germany, from 5th until 8th. This is an important event, as it isthe qualification for the 2025 World Games in Chengdu China.
Reading the above article I am conscious of our Tug of War family and friends, who are in a different position and for the present time, are unable to enjoy the sport like before, our toughts are with you.

Yours in sport,

Dan. Mc.Carthy

Twif President.