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Forword Anton Rabe in relaton to the World Outdoor Championship in Getxo:
To be able to host a World Championships in the trying and ongoing challenging times we have, and
still are experiencing globally since the beginning of 2020 within the Covid-19 context, is really a
fantastic achievement.
On behalf of the TWIF global family I therefor wish to congratulate and salute the Basque Country
Tug of War Association and the Getxo Organising committee for their dedication and perseverance
to make this happen after we were forced to postpone the event last year.
Unfortunately, all of us cannot be in Getxo due to different circumstances which prevented some of
us to travel, but we have a viable event with an adequate number of entries in most weight classes.
Unfortunately too, is that it is especially in our youth classes that we are being under represented.
This is our future and we will develop and support various initiatives in clusters of countries in the
coming years to bridge this gap and entice our youth to progress through to senior level.
For now, I wish to also thank all the TWIF officials who continue to dedicate their time and resources
in attending in this difficult time. Without national and club teams we would not have had an event,
but without our judges, recorders and other officials supporting the various dimension of the
execution of the event, it would also not have been possible. I therefor also salute and thank you
from the bottom of my heart for your effort to attend this very important event which will also
double as qualifying event for the World Games 2022.
The World Games – as many other global events – were also postponed by 1 year and will be held in
the city of Birmingham, Alabama, USA in July 2022. TWIF will participate in 3 weight classes –
580Mix, 540 Women and 640 Men. The top 6 teams and these weight classes will qualify for the
World Games.
In conclusion – I wish everybody well with the event and trust that everything will go according to
plan. Part of this would be for participants to stay disciplined and diligently observe the Covid
protocols and risk mitigation actions. It is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that the integrity of
the bubbles created for teams, groups and countries is maintained 24/7. Please respect everybody
else and make sure that you are not the person that jeopardise the enjoyment and hard work of
team mates, friends and your opposition.
Thanks again to everybody to worked hard for a long period of times and kept their faith in getting
us to a feasible event.
Keep safe.

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